On Scale-Invariant Sharpness Measures
Behrooz Tahmasebi, Ashkan Soleymani, Stefanie Jegelka, and Patrick Jaillet
Mathematics of Modern Machine Learning (M3L @ NeurIPS workshop), 2023
DRCFS: Doubly Robust Causal Feature Selection
Francesco Quinzan*, Ashkan Soleymani*, Patrick Jaillet, Cristian R. Rojas, and Stefan Bauer
International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2023
Causal Feature Selection via Orthogonal Search
Ashkan Soleymani*, Anant Raj*, Michel Besserve, Stefan Bauer and Bernhard Schölkopf
Transactions on Machine Learning Research (TMLR), 2022
Pyfectious: A probabilistic hierarchical simulator of infectious diseases and fine-grained control measures
Arash Mehrjo*, Ashkan Soleymani*, Amin Abyaneh, Samir Bhatt, Stefan Bauer and Bernhard Schölkopf
PLOS Computational Biology 19(1): e1010799, 2023
GeneDisco: A Benchmark for Experimental Design in Drug Discovery
Arash Mehrjou, Ashkan Soleymani, Andrew Jesson, Pascal Notin, Yarin Gal, Stefan Bauer, and Patrick Schwab
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2022
Adaptive Experimental Design and Active Learning in the Real World (ReALML @ ICML workshop), 2022, (Spotlight Presentation)


Federated Learning in Multi-Center Critical Care Research: A Systematic Case Study using the eICU Database
Arash Mehrjou*, Ashkan Soleymani*, Annika Buchholz, Jürgen Hetzel, Patrick Schwab and Stefan Bauer
arXiv:2204.09328, 2021
Physical Derivatives: Computing policy gradients by physical forward-propagation
Arash Mehrjou, Ashkan Soleymani, Stefan Bauer and Bernhard Schölkopf
arXiv:2201.05830, 2021
Doubly Robust Structure Identification from Temporal Data
Emmanouil Angelis, Francesco Quinzan, Ashkan Soleymani, Patrick Jaillet and Stefan Bauer
arXiv:2311.06012, 2023
* denotes equal collaborations.